This page contains samples from some of my voice-over work. Additional samples/demos, as well as MP3 auditons are available on request.


01:05 | A compilation of Dulcie's commercial work.

Boulder Beer

00:04 | The tag for Boulder Beer, a stout, unceremonious microbrew, served covered with a plain brown paper bag.


00:41 | Spanish used in a telephone menu system.


00:10 | A considered opinion on an amendment issue.

Klondike & Snow

00:18 | Narration from the national PBS documentary, "Klondike & Snow: A Tale of Twin Polar Bears."

California Girl

00:03 | Like, I mean, totally...


01:06 | Examples of Dulcie's narration projects.

Narration 2

00:42 | Examples of Dulcie's narration projects.

Ella Beth Hester

00:18 | A character in many humorous radio spots.

Campbell's Soup

00:07 | Nothing better for the holidays than Campbell's...


00:10 | A helpful new phone answering system.

Little Girl

00:05 | Although she's kinda shy, she can and has sold 'most anything.

"It's a Rip-off!"

00:06 | Tag from a political spot by Walt Klein & Associates.