Hi there! I'm Dulcie Camp. Glad you made the time to visit. I've been working as an actor for most of my life, and enjoying almost every minute of it. My hub-city is Denver, but my work in film, video and audio can be seen and heard in all major American markets. If you are looking for an experienced talent, check with my contacts, or e-mail me directly with the specifics of your project.

My ISDN connection will bring my voice to you in real time with broadcast quality.

With classical training in theatre, music and speech, my education and experience has continued for more than thirty-five years in radio, television, theatre and journalism.

I am married to Ron, with an adult son Jason.

I own Zocalo Productions, a media productions company, with my husband, Ron. We have collaborated on three video documentaries concerning the Zapotec culture and the plight of the indigenous people of Oaxaca, Mexico.   Zocalo Productions created a 40-minute video to accompany anthropologist Michael Higgins' book, Oigame, Oigame, a two-year study examining the results of the Sandinista revolution on the barrios of Managua, Nicaragua.

My work usually puts me in studios or locales within a 100-mile radius of my home, unless it is necessary to shoot on location. Colorado is recognized for more than just its mountain scenery. There are production studios, sound stages, crews, talent and all the support equipment to do the job in Colorado. See for yourself - the current Colorado Production Resources Guide is now available: www.cprgonline.com.